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Big Blue being sold?

Not the Big Blue you mean - but NIVEA - Cult Brand of the Beiersdorf Corp.

In the last years and months we saw an interesting battle for Nivea. Rumours had that L'Oreal, strong competitor in the cosmetics market, was very interested in buying Nivea. In the recent months Procter & Gamble acknowledged openly to take stock in Nivea.

The big seller in the whole story is the Finance conglomerate Allianz and their CFO Dr. Paul Achleitner. Allianz was seeking to divest from non-core-business such as stakes in Beiersdorf/Nivea. All in all, they are going to sell their whole stake of 40%.

According to the FAZ, the battle is over and a little bit surprising is the winner - a consortium around the Coffee Company Tchibo. A big asset for Tchibo was surely the fear that P&G just wanted the brand. It would be more than logic and justifiable to move the production, R&D, Management, etc. to their headquarters in the US.

An interesting story around a brand which is worth billions in a global market.


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