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christmas is "coming"

come all ye faithful. [via adrants]


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Clip from Axe Brilliant Clip
from Axe promoting deodorant that "lasts longer." Brilliant because it...
by martinroell (4/17/04, 1:07 PM)
stop wishing , an Italian
clothing company, launched a new ad with the claim stop...
by smi (3/17/04, 8:38 PM)
In the Navy Joi Ito
blogs an ad for the Japanese Navy. Is it so...
by martinroell (3/11/04, 12:00 AM)
KISS Keep it simple stupid!
Ok, ok we know it. But still - there are...
by Sierra (2/26/04, 5:58 PM)
Huh? We do stuff.
You may have seen this before, but as we hadn't blogged...
by martinroell (2/26/04, 1:02 PM)
Advertising Coffins Cofani Funebri is
an Italian coffin-maker. To advertise its products, the firm is...
by martinroell (2/2/04, 6:20 PM)
Push the Truck Here's a
nice little clip featuring a Toyota truck. It seems that...
by martinroell (2/1/04, 9:42 PM)
A whole different animal Checkout
these clips of American airline "Frontier Airlines". Their claim is...
by martinroell (1/30/04, 9:50 AM)
christmas is "coming" . [via
by smi (12/19/03, 4:45 PM)
Old Heinz-Ketchup Ads Check out
the Heinz - History of Advertising which has some nice...
by martinroell (11/19/03, 11:20 AM)
Big Blue being sold? Not
the Big Blue you mean - but NIVEA - Cult...
by Sierra (10/27/03, 9:25 AM)

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